Great Books by Geographers and Others

I recently read an interesting list of books on Stuart Elden’s Progressive Geographies blog. It was a kind of greatest hits list in which he “was thinking today about books by geographers, written in the last thirty years or so, that would stand as real testaments to what the discipline is about or what it can do.”


I thought I would give it a go too without repeating any of his.

David Matless Landscape and Englishness (Reaktion, 1998)

Don Mitchell The Lie of the Land (Minnesota, 1996)

Gillian Rose Feminism and Geography (Polity, 1993)

Yi-Fu Tuan Space and Place (Minnesota, 1997)

Denis Cosgrove Social Formation and Symbolic Landscape (Croom Helm, 1984)

David Harvey Spaces of Hope (California, 2000)

William Cronon Nature’s Metropolis (Norton, 1991)

Sarah Whatmore Hybrid Geographies (Sage, 2002)

Edward Soja Postmodern Geographies (Verso, 1988)

David Sibley Geographies of Exclusion (Routledge, 1995)

And then I thought of the academic monographs that I go back to again and again that have most influenced my own writing.

David Sibley Geographies of Exclusion (Routledge, 1995)

Yi-Fu Tuan Space and Place (Minnesota, 1997)

Ian Hacking Historical Ontology (Harvard, 2002)

Iris Marion Young Justice and the Politics of Difference (Princeton, 1990)

Manuel DeLanda A New Philosophy of Society (Continuum, 2006)

Pierre Bourdieu The Logic of Practice (Stanford, 1990)

Michel de Certeau Outline of a Theory of Practice (California, 1984)

Mary Douglas Purity and Danger (Preager, 1966)

Erving Goffman the Presentation of Self in Everyday Life (Edinburgh, 1956)

Raymond Williams The Country and the City (Hogarth, 1985)

Michel Foucault History of Sexuality (Penguin, 1984)

Not sure what that tells you and I am sure I have missed some.


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