A few of my poems have appeared in online journals including

Lemon Hound http://lemonhound.com/2015/03/05/tim-cresswell/

Front Porch Review http://frontporchrvw.com/issue/january-2015/article/emergency

Stare’s Nest http://thestaresnest.com/2014/08/18/tim-cresswell-four-poems/

The Clearing theclearingonline.org/tag/tim-cresswell/

Spiral Orb http://www.spiralorb.net/eight/cresswell

Soul.Lit http://soul-lit.com/poems/v7/Cresswell/index.html

Stride http://www.stridemagazine.co.uk/Stride%20mag%202012/june2012/HUMAN%20GEOGRAPHY.htm


I find them against curbs. On verges.

Under fences. Flown free by some collision

or loose connection.

Spinning – running on a rim.

Dancing a shimmy – speed-wobbling

across the tarmac.                   Sidelined.

Relics of purpose and direction:

the need to get somewhere

whatever the consequences.

Migrants who have forgotten their place

Mapless, dizzy, inhabiting the borderlands

oblivious that this is it.

Video of reading of “Feverfew” and “Globe Artichoke” from Herbarium

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